Briana Reflects on Being ’16 and Pregnant’ Alongside Her Sister

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Photo: Briana and her baby, Nova. (MTV)

Last week you watched Katie and Mackenzie share their stories on “16 and Pregnant.” This week, it was Briana‘s turn — and she, too, shared the spotlight when her sister Brittany found out she was pregnant a month after Briana. Both handled their pregnancies differently — and clashed along the way — but they’ve ultimately moved on, as Briana explains in the clip below.


Briana went through with her pregnancy and gave birth to Nova, while Brittany opted to have an abortion. As Briana explains exclusively to MTV Remote Control Blog, both sisters were faced with a tough decision — at 16! ”We both made sacrifices, we both made different choices, and with every choice we make, there’s hardships that come with it.”

Pregnancy, however, is preventable! Protect yourself and plan ahead. ”Respect yourself, be safe, and get on birth control,” Briana explains in the clip below. “Even if you’re not doing anything, you never know!”

+ WATCH: Briana talks about her relationship with her sister, sex tips + more!

If you find out you are pregnant, deciding what to do with your pregnancy is a big decision; take your time and talk with your partner, your family and other trusted advisers. For more information, take action below with It’s Your (Sex) Life.

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