[VIDEO] Katie & Mackenzie Reflect on Being ’16 and Pregnant’

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Photo: Katie (left) and Mackenzie, cast of 16 and Pregnant. (MTV)

A brand new season of “16 and Pregnant” has now delivered two babies — Mackenzie’s and Katie’s. All season long we’ll be bringing you post-show interviews with the moms where they’ll squash sex myths once and for all, and share tips on how you can take control of your sex life. See what Mackenzie and Katie had to say in the clips below!

One moment Katie was filling out college applications. The next moment she’s busy filling out paperwork at the doctor’s office. With hopes of going to college to study psychology, Katie was sidetracked by an unexpected pregnancy. But, as she shares in her video below, nothing is stopping her! “Right now I’m going to school, so I can be even more independent,” she shared.

Mackenzie had been cheerleading since she was very young. “It’s my life. It’s been my life since I was four,” she tells us about her passion for cheerleading. She hopes to one day pick up the pom-poms again, but for now, “baby comes first,” she says.

See what else the girls have to say about their life post-baby, and how you can take control of your sex life! For more information on preventing pregnancy, visit It’s Your (Sex) Life by taking action below.

+ WATCH: Mackenzie talks cheerleading, what she would do differently, and more!

+ WATCH: Katie talks being independent, sex myths, and more!

Come back tomorrow (April 4) after you watch Briana’s story on “16 and Pregnant” to hear what she has to say!

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