[Video] ‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn + Maci Say Farewell To Fans

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The “Teen Mom Farewell Special” will be airing tonight at 10/9c, and along with watching it, you can check out some short vids of Catelynn and Maci talking about their experiences. A lot of us have really gotten to know these girls over the course of the show and realized how difficult young parenthood can be. With the special coming up the girls hope you’ve learned from their experiences.

Maci, who recently talked about voting, said about her fans, “I really appreciate them and I’m glad that they allowed us to bring awareness to teen pregnancy and the issue.” You can watch below her message to fans and what she learned from being on the show.

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“I didn’t realize how severe the teen pregnancy rate is,” Catelynn said. “Hopefully they [the fans] learned from all of our mistakes. If you decide to have unprotected sex, it comes with consequences.” She went on that if you’re ready to have sex, you’re ready to talk to your partner about birth control. “Please, use protection,” she stressed.

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We can see on “Teen Mom” that parenthood is hard, and it’s especially hard when you’re young. We’ve seen Amber go through struggles in her life and how Farrah is having to raise her daughter alone. A recent report said that 82% of teens who have watched the show said it helped them understand the realities of teen parenthood. And remember that you can always learn more about birth control at It’s Your (Sex) Life.

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