Wait, Some Politicians Want to Ban IUDS?!

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There are many different types of birth control, and the IUD has one of the highest success rates out there in terms of preventing pregnancy. However, politicians in Ohio are trying to keep women from being able to have IUDs.

Republican State Rep. John Becker has sponsored a bill that would forbid insurance companies from giving women IUDs. There is no scientific reason for this, and, in fact, the reason he gives for the ban is majorly suspect. He says he’s against IUDs because IUDS are like abortion, even though IUDs prevent pregnancy and abortion ends a pregnancy. In other words, they are not the same and it’s pretty basic science to know that.

“This is just a personal view,” he said. “I’m not a medical doctor.”

There are many opponents of this bill, including Democratic Rep. John Carney, who said the bill would be “very disrespectful to the women of our state.”

99% of women use birth control sometime during their lives. Along with preventing unwanted pregnancy, birth control helps a woman’s overall health. It even helps the economy, both on a personal level (for the woman using birth control) and at a national level. In other words, if more women are able to use birth control, it would help all of us out economically.

When women don’t have access to birth control, they are more likely to have unwanted pregnancies, have health issues, and live in poverty. If women don’t have access to forms of birth control, especially very reliable ones like the IUD, they are more likely to go through all these things.

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