We Need To Talk About Catelynn + Tyler From “16 & Pregnant”

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Calling all “16 & Pregnant” fans! If you haven’t heard already, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are having a baby. So how are things different from when they were expecting a baby before?

+ They’re a Little Older Now

First thing’s first: Catelynn and Tyler are older now, and they say they’re better equipped to raise a baby. When the duo first got pregnant with daughter Carly, they knew they couldn’t provide the best life for her, so they chose to go the adoption route. Now that the two are older and wiser (and no longer in high school), they say they’re ready to take on the commitment that is parenting.

+ They’ve Got Money on Their Minds

You know what most 16-year-olds are lacking? Money. Now that Catelynn and Tyler are older, they’ve got money saved up. In fact, according to Catelynn, they own a house and two cars and have money to raise the baby. They’re also both working full-time jobs! Since babies are expensive (and I mean reaaally expensive) money makes a big difference. You have to pay for things like diapers and clothes and food and maybe daycare … until the kid can take care of itself.

We wish them luck, but keep in mind not everyone is ready for kids at the same age (in terms of money, commitment, etc.), and that some people don’t want to have kids. It’s important to have kids only if and when you’re ready and if and when you want them. Find out how you can prevent an unwanted pregnancy at It’s Your (Sex) Life.

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